It's an institution in this country like a tin of USA Biscuits or the Toy Show. We are, of course, talking about Christmas FM.

Our favourite radio station - sorry, everyone - is back on the air officially from today and will be spreading Christmas cheer across the nation until some time in early January.

This year, ChristmasFM is partnering with Age Action Ireland and all texts to the station will go directly to the charity.

So, depending on where you are, the radio frequency will change. Here's how to tune in.

Dublin City and County - 94.3FM

Dublin Commuter Area, Greater Kildare - 88.1FM

Limerick - 105.5FM

Galway - 89.5FM

Cork - 106.7FM

South East - 103.8FM

North Midlands - 99.4FM

North East - 101.6FM

North Wicklow - 99.5FM

UPC Channel - 900


And if you need some Christmas tuneage right this second, check out our All-Time Top 10 Christmas Songs playlist right here. There's some real crackers in it (groan).