There are two events that truly announce the start of the festive season - 'Late Late Toy Show' and Christmas FM returning.

The festive radio station announced its return earlier this week, and today, it confirmed the frequencies across Ireland where you'll be able to listen in and hear every possible Christmas song in existence on repeat for the next month.

Here's the list of frequencies for Ireland. As always, you can listen via the app, the site itself, or on Virgin Media Channel 900 on your TV.

Christmas FM is set to begin broadcasting this Saturday on November 28th.


Dublin City & County

105.2 FM


Cork City

106.7 FM


Limerick City

105.5 FM



105.2 FM


Galway City

87.7 FM



95.0 FM



88.1 FM


Kilkenny City

104.3 FM



105.7 FM


North Midlands

101.6 FM


North East

99.4 FM


North Wicklow

99.5 FM


South Wicklow

106.6 FM


South East

103.8 FM



105.0 FM



105.9 FM