Being hailed as the Christmas ad of the year, despite not being an actual ad for a company, this video has people talking. Shot for only £50, many fans of the video are saying that it's miles better than John Lewis' £7 million Elton-John-heavy affair.

Entitled 'Love is a Gift,' the video has already had more than five million views on Facebook alone.

The short film was shot by filmmaker and video producer Phil Beastall back in 2014 but has garnered attention after it was posted on social media. It tells the story "about a man counting down the days to Christmas, so he can continue his yearly tradition sparked by a tragic moment from the past."

Speaking about his story, Beastall says "People seem to like my film because it's the story that shines through. You don't always need a huge budget, just an impactful narrative that gets the message across."

You might not want to watch this in the office if you're prone to leaking from the eyes.