It's only now that backstage gossip from Wednesday night's National Television Awards is filtering through, and here's one featuring a load of Irish people.

By all accounts, the One Show co-host sidled up to the twins before their 'performance' with Vanilla Ice (their Under Pressure collaboration is available for download from January 31st *jazz hands* David Bowie must be chuffed, while Freddie is no doubt gleefully spinning in his grave), and declared "You paint a bad picture of Ireland." Hmmmmmm. They are two attractive boys who have an unbridled love for life without touching a drop of drink; that makes them a Rembrandt of this nation as far as I'm concerned.

According to reports: "There was a team of people nearby, including the twins' make-up artist, who heard what she said. The pair were devastated, although they admitted later that they had no idea who she was."

Perhaps Christine's anger was misdirected. Earlier that evening, while presenting the One Show, she gave fellow Northerner Patrick Kielty her number. Then the inevitable happened.

The Mirror reports: "The One Show host, 30, was joined on the sofa by the Irish comic and presenter on Wednesday to talk about Sport Relief. At the end Christine, who worked with Kielty, 38, when she was a TV runner, wrote down her number for him. He joked: 'And this has made my night (and Frank Lampard's), Christine’s just given me her digits.' He held up the piece of paper to the camera. Christine replied: 'No I didn't. Oh, thanks Paddy.' A BBC source said Christine, who has been forced to change her mobile number, was gutted when she realised it had been shown on screen. The insider said: 'Within 10 minutes of the show ending her phone had over 300 voicemails and messages. Most of them were very nice, supportive and even flirty, but it’s a disaster for someone high-profile like Christine to give out her number'... A BBC spokesman said: 'It was unfortunate. Patrick was mortified - he didn't think the number would show up on screen (hellew). The only comforting thing was Christine got so many messages from viewers worried her number might get into the wrong hands'."

Yep, Patrick Kielty's.