As of 10am GMT, the madness is still going.

Chrissy Teigen and husband John Legend boarded a flight to Tokyo out of Los Angeles last night that, four hours into the eleven hour journey, had to turn back because of a passenger Home Alone 2-ed themselves and got on the wrong flight.

And being the Twitter-reliable legend that she is, Teigen documented the whole thing.

At this point, after more than six hours of travel only to be still in LAX, paranoia began to set in.


Then it all just became too much and tiredness started to set in.


But after a two-hour nap, she was ready to get back on the case.


Finally, all appeared normal. Until Teigen and Legend boarded their new flight and the whole affair was capped off with some randomness that is completely fitting for the day/night that they'd had.


All in all, Teigen was pretty chill about the whole thing, and at the end of it all, she really only had one concern.


What. A. Day.