You’ll no doubt recall how Channel 4 series Naked Attraction created quite a stir when it debuted last year.

The show sees two individuals each pick a person from a line-up of six to go on a date with. The catch is that everyone in the line-up is naked and the ‘picker’ can only see them from the neck down. Before making their final decision, the ‘pickers’ reject the bodies they dislike and explain their decisions for doing so.

Chrissy Teigen got her first dose of the strangeness of British television when she watched the series on a recent visit to London – her reactions to it were brilliant:



Perhaps ever funnier were other Tweeters’ reactions as she continued commentating:








And as proof that Naked Attraction isn’t the only British TV show that has a compelling format, Chrissy also checked out Celebs Go Dating and loved it:




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