So if you followed the Superbowl in at all, you'll know that the most important thing about the result was the bet between Chris Pratt and Chris Evans.

With the two actors' teams facing off,  as Pratt is a Seahawks fan and Evans a Patriots man, the pair wagered that the loser would done their character's costume and visit a children's hospital from the opposing city.

Well the Patriots come out on top, and Pratt wasn't long about following through on the forfeit, visiting Christopher Haven's children's hospital over the weekend, accompanied by a a plain-clothed Captain America.

Evans was even signing Captain America shields for the kids, which hit us right in the feels.

And judging by Evans' latest tweet, we can expect to see more superheroes being nice to kids in the near future, which is all we really want from the internet anyway. We'll keep you posted.