There are two types of people in this world - those who ALWAYS make sure their inbox is as tidy as can be with zero unread emails, and those who have far too many unread emails waiting to be opened that it causes pain to look at.

And we thought we were bad having a number of unread emails in our inbox, but it's not a patch on the amount of unread Chris Pratt emails that the actor had in his inbox. According to the star of 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and 'Parks and Recreation', he had over 35,000 unread messages in his inbox - and now they've all been deleted. Yikes.

Taking to social media to explain his situation, Chris explained that his son Jack was looking through his phone when he gasped at the number of messages in his inbox that were unread. Attempting to remedy the matter, Chris took it upon himself to go through each one and either delete or read the thousands of emails waiting for him. Instead, Chris accidentally deleted around 51,000 emails.

Here's the video of the moment the actor realized he had messed up.

Admitting that he has a lot of junk in his inbox due to him signing up for "everything" (including IQ tests), the Chris Pratt emails debacle isn't a far cry from something his 'Parks and Rec' character Andy Dwyer would do in such a situation. Known for not being the most adept at computers, here's the infamous improvised line from one of the best episodes from the sitcom, 'Flu Season'.