The news earlier this morning of Terry Wogan's passings has sent waves through both the broadcasting community and the ex-pat community in England.

Wogan, who emigrated across the sea in 1967, was fondly remembered by both his Irish and English colleagues, as well as those who were interviewed by the late broadcaster.

Chris O'Dowd shared a moving anecdote on Twitter about Wogan's cameo on Moone Boy, saying that the Limerick native arrived on set with a suit he'd worn in the '80s and, afterwards, insisted on bringing the cast and crew out for dinner afterwards.


Meanwhile, Dermot O'Leary, whose parents are from Wexford, added his voice to tributes, calling Wogan a "generous, funny, clever, life affirming man."

Frankie Boyle made a bit of a Wogan-esque joke on Twitter, saying that if he didn't care about a celebrity's death, then he wouldn't comment. Of course, by him commenting, that's him acknowledging the fact he cares. Yeah, it's a weird one.


Larry Gogan, who was a personal friend of Wogan's, tweeted a message just after midday before he began his weekly show on 2FM.

Later tonight, RTE One will broadcast Gay Byrne's interview with Terry Wogan for The Meaning Of Life, in which Wogan admitted that he was an atheist, explaining that he was "extremely resentful" of faith and religion in the aftermath of his daughter's death. 

Many have shared Wogan's sign-off, which included a touching message to his many listeners down through the years, with a visibly-upset Wogan talking about his career before ending the message, thanking people "for being my friend."