Moyles, who broke up with his girlfriend of six years last week, had a good ole moan on the airwaves yesterday after the Beeb failed to pay him for his Radio 1 morning slot for the second month running.

At the start of his "show" yesterday, he said: "I haven't been paid since July. Why should I bother hauling my ass out of bed? Why should I come in to work? It's a huge lack of respect to me. I know the name of the moron in this building responsible. I don't do this for free, you know... I don't need any more stress in my life at the moment, I've had enough (that'd be the girlfriend business). Can you imagine if Terry Wogan or Chris Evans didn't get paid for two months? It wouldn't happen... It's a huge F U to me." To your ego, certainly.

When listeners gave him grief over his hefty £500k pay packet, he placated them with: "Don't speak to me about my life. You know nothing about me (despite him prattling on about himself for up to 20 minutes at a time). Just because I get paid more than you. I'll pay your TV licence for a year, you miserable... I slept on a sofa last night. Don't talk to me."

A sofa, you say? Why, that's the lap of luxury in this day and age, Moyles. Don't expect your listeners to feel sorry for you, your function is to make them laugh of a morning, to ease them into their day and maybe even make them forget for a split second that they're off to do a job they quite possibly despise but can't ever afford to lose. Grow up and air your laundry in the vicinity of the Beeb accounts department.