He may have been joking... either way, it makes for an entertaining read (be warned, the bar for what constitutes as "entertaining" is quite low today, on account of the aforementioned Christmas Party haze)

For those unaware, The Coldplay frontman's track Miracles plays over the end credits for Angelina's latest directorial effort, and the 37-year-old singer said the actress and her husband Brad Pitt went to extreme lengths to get the group to work on her soundtrack.

Asked how the project came about, he said: "I got a message that said, 'Meet in this undisclosed location. You'll be blindfolded and picked up by seven ex-Navy SEALs.' So they kidnapped me, hit me over the head, and sprayed me with Mace. When I woke up, I was in an office, and Brad Pitt was doing push-ups as Angelina Jolie was just sitting there with her crown on. There was also a guy holding a knife to my throat, and she said, 'Write me a song, or else.' And Brad Pitt said, 'Yeah. What she said.' "

Interesting that he chose for Brad to be doing push ups. Either way we appreciate the visual. 

After the tough introduction, Chris went on to claim he and his bandmates weren't even guaranteed a place on the soundtrack, joking they then had to pass reality show-style eliminations.

He added to Vulture: "We wrote a song and then she said, 'It's through to the final eight,' and then we had live eliminations at her house. We came in second, but the main guy chickened out."

Oh, Chris, you are a cad.