Today in Hemsworth news - because hello, arms - we've learned that Miley Cyrus and Liam are more than official, as the We Can't Stop star took to Instagram to share a snap of her wearing a t-shirt with 'Hemsworth' printed on the back. Oooh. If that's not a sign that it's back on, we don't know what is.


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Elsewhere, Liam's brother Chris Hemsworth is a role model father that all men should aspire to. It was his daughter India's birthday recently and unfortunately for Chris, the bakery was closed. Rather than have his little girl's hopes of a dinosaur cake dashed, Chris got to work in the kitchen and whipped one up himself. It's a little bit 'nailed it', but the sentiment behind the cake is unbearably sweet. He mightn't have the baking skills to win awards, but he's got the arms to give it a try.

Oh to be a fly on a Hemsworth's bicep.