One day you're showing people how to register to vote, and the next you're named the sexiest man alive, amiright?

Chris Evans has been named the sexiest man alive for 2022 - wait a minute, hasn't he already been named something of this ilk? Well, not by People Magazine yet, anyway.

'The Gray Man', 'Captain America' and 'Knives Out' star has come a long way since his 'Not Another Teen Movie' and 'Fantastic Four' days, that's for sure. Now aged 41, and taking over from last year's inductee Paul Rudd, in his cover photo feature for his new triumph he says that there's one person who's going to love this - his mom.

He said: "My mom will be so happy. She's proud of everything I do but this is something she can really brag about."

He also admitted that "this will really just be a point of bullying to my friends", but honestly Chris, there are worse things to be bullied about.

The full 10-minute interview (which you can see below) covered a lot of Chris' past movie highlights, including his most famous role as Steve Rogers AKA Captain America. Now aged 41, Chris jokes that he used to be able to get by with "eating what I wanted" and having a "couple of workouts per week" (yeah, sure) but now admits that when he has two beers, "I wear it".

As is the tradition in recent years, the sexiest man alive title was revealed on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert', and although Chris Evans wasn't able to appear in person on the show, he did film a little skit with another former sexiest man alive, Dwayne Johnson, while on the set of their new Prime Video film 'Red One'.

Here's what the internet has been saying about this year's new title holder.

Here's the full 10-minute interview with Chris, which will surely brighten up your afternoon.