There’s one thing to be taken away from what turned out to be one of the most anti-climactic Superbowls ever, and that’s the fact that we have a new bro-mance to get all soppy over.

With every Superbowl comes the need to find out who each team’s most famous fans are. To be fair there were a lot this time, seeing as most of the world is comprised of Patriots/Tom Brady fans, and that includes Captain America himself.

It took all of about 5 minutes after the Divisional Finals for Chris Evans to call out Guardian’s of the Galaxy’s Chris Pratt, bringing out our favourite bet of all time. Yep, Comic book heroes being nice to kids. Boom, right in the feels.

Que a bunch of fan art like this after Twitter picked up on the whole thing, and we got ourselves a ball game.

Of course it's all fun and games on Twitter, with your #Bants and your LOL's, but come game day this rivalry got taken up a few notches. By which, of course, we mean they watched the game together in a respectful manner and made us all jealous that we're not their friends.

And being the gents they are, they're both visiting that kids hospital. Ah, bless, and all we did with our Superbowl bets was lose far too much of our wages.