Now, pay attention, cause this all gets a little confuddling.

The singer/embodiment of an almighty toss pot - who is currently on probation after attacking then girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 - tested positive for marijuana in June in Virginia, where the drug is illegal, but since he claims to have smoked it in California, where he has a medicinal marijuana card (um, why?), Judge Patricia Schnegg has let him off with a warning.

However, in court in Los Angeles yesterday, Judge Schnegg ordered a review of his progress on November 1st amid concerns about how many community service hours he has completed and allegations he has violated the terms of his travel restrictions.

She also urged him to consider how the public and his young fans perceive his actions, telling him "You are not an average person sitting in a living room. You are not only in the public eye, but you are on probation." Listen, Schnegg, save your breath. I've been banging on about the responsibility that comes with being under the gaze of impressionable eyes for years now, but I've an inkling they're not listening, what with Rihanna spewing in the middle of a club and everything.

Speaking of feeling vommy, Rihanna tweeted Chris a message of support before his court appearance yesterday, saying "@chrisbrown I'm praying for you and wishing u the best today (sic)" to which he responded "thank u so much (sic)."