Chris Brown turned himself in at a jail in Los Angeles over his hit-and-run case yesterday, in a move that surprised even the most devilish of Hollywood types.

The 24-year-old sometime performer most of the time delinquent showed up at the Van Nuys jail - which serves as a temporary holding facility for men and women arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department - at around 2pm yesterday and unfortunately left 45 minutes later. Brown was required to check in for a booking as at the time of the incident on May 21 he failed to give the driver he slammed into his insurance documentation and identification, and wasn't arrested at the time of the incident (which was a shame).

He also appeared in court for the offence last month where he denied doing anything wrong after he allegedly smashed into a woman's Mercedes-Benz with his Range Rover. Although the victim conveniently refused to press charges it was required by law for the judge to revoke the star's probation, which he received after assaulting Rihanna in 2009.

The remaining charges from the incident, which included driving without a valid license and proof of insurance, were dismissed.

Chris, who was placed on probation, had until August 6 to go to a police station to get booked and take another mug shot. He will next have a court hearing over the hit-and-run on August 15, and is also due in court for a probation hearing. Looks like he's going to get away with this completely.