Now correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure the whole POINT of rehab is that you have time to rehabilitate, come off drugs, reflect on what stupid shit you've done or had done to you and get on with your life. Perhaps it is our own intelligence that should be questioned for the fact that we'd have expected anything more from the abomination that is Chris Brown, but anyhoo, Rihanna's former beau is said to have refused to give up the ganja while at rehab.

Chris wasn't there to battle a drugs issue, mind. He was there to sort out his anger issues. First thing he does? Has an argument over what he can and can't do while at rehab.

The R&B singer was sentenced to 90 days in the treatment facility earlier this month and while he didn't put up a fight over his phone or his internet access, there was no way in hell he was coming off weed TOO. Apparently it had been described to him to combat his depression, a source tells TMZ.

 'The staff rejected his request. We're told Chris kicked up a stink, claiming pot makes him calm, but the staff was unbending.'

Will his rehab stint prove fruitful for him this time around? Karrueche Tran's aggro boyfriend checked himself into rehab just last month but left after a mere two weeks. What has him so worked up? Well besides being generally one of the worst and most misguided young celebrities to ever walk this Earth, Chris is said to have spiralled into a violent rage, throwing a rock through his mother's car window during a joint counselling session at the centre.

Despite this, his mom took to Twitter to show that no matter what he does, he'll always be her baby: 'MY ANGEL WITH BROKEN WINGS GOD LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I DO AS WELL.'

Motherhood, 'tis a wonderful thing, eh?

Also, haven't you notice how a lot of Chris Brown's outbursts happen in and around cars? Next time he might want to take the bus.