LOL JK, as if the people who live in Malibu would ever do manual labour. But they may want to start, seeing as Chris Brown has his sights set on setting up shop in the coastal paradise.

Brown has put his $1.5 million Hollywood Hills mansion on the market and has put an offer on a plush beachside property because he's had enough of his grumpy neighbours.

According to TMZ: 'Chris wrote an offer on a house in Malibu in an exclusive, gated community where a bunch of other high-profile celebrities live.'. Brown allegedly decided to up and leave his Hollywood home after other residents complained to the city officials earlier this year for decorating his house with graffiti. However, Chris had better be on best behaviour when he makes his move as the city of Malibu - where the properties are worth between $3 million to $30 million - have strict laws on violating building codes, including graffiti, and noise restricting rules.

Earlier this week, Chris left the rehab facility in Malibu where he was seeking help in order to 'gain focus and insight' into his previous behaviour after acknowledging he has a major anger management problem.

The R&B singer has had more than one run-in with the law after being involved in a parking lot brawl with singer Frank Ocean in January and getting into a dispute with rapper Drake at a nightclub in 2012. In addition, he was sued by a California woman Deanna Gines who has accused him of battery at a nightclub last June, and he is still on probation for assaulting ex-girlfriend Rihanna in February 2009.