He couldn't just have a friendly game of basket ball. Casually shoot a few hewps. He just had to allegedly beat the bejaysis out of Malcolm Ausbon last July - without actually touching him. Ausbon could be making it all up, of course, but it's not like Brown doesn't have previous.

The Guardian reports: "Although the incident dates from 29 July 2013, Ausbon only filed his lawsuit last week, seeking unspecified damages for assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence."

The reason proceedings have been escalated is because Brown is reportedly refusing to settle out of court. Ausbon's lawyer Stephen Wegman told The New York Daily News: "I was talking to [them] and they didn’t want to communicate anymore... If Chris Brown isn’t willing to compensate [my client] for what he did to him, I’m not going to back down."

Well, that might be a bit tricky considering there's supposedly a video of the incident from July 29th doing the rounds, and it's a guy with dreads who's being hands on with Ausbon.

The Guardian adds: "The alleged altercation took place during a game at North Hollywood’s 24 Hour Fitness gym, when Ausbon and Brown got into an argument about a foul. After Ausbon 'expressed his dissatisfaction' (you can only begin to imagine how), Brown is said to have announced that he is a member of the Bloods street gang. Ausbon was then approached by three members of Brown’s entourage, who said, "If you f*ck with Chris, you f*ck with us'. They then began to 'strike, punch, kick, pull and stomp' his face and body."

This apparently resulted in a fractured rib, cuts and bruises, as well as "post-traumatic stress disorder, distorted vision, dizziness, nervousness, fear and anxiety."

Brown is already attending an 'anger management programme' which lasts 90 days, thanks to a fight he (allegedly) had with someone in Washington DC back in October.