Chris Brown's career has seemingly been on the up lately. The singer/songwriter/aspiring MMA star recently performed as part of The Today Show's outdoor concert series and packed the streets of Manhattan with fans. He's also had four number one singles in the US from his current album, and has reconnected with former love Rihanna on twitter. Alas, he's gotten his first piece of bad press since he trashed his Good Morning America dressing room a, eh, couple of months ago.

TMZ are reporting that Brown is thoroughly pissing off his neighbours at his plush LA Condo by generally not being very nice and continually parking in handicap spots. If he stepped out of one of high priced cars recently parked in such a spot and instantly started break dancing, then we'd REALLY have a story, but no witnesses to such an event... yet. Hilariously his neighbours are also saying that he "races dogs down the hallways" blasts music in the early hours and has no consideration for those living in the building. Police were also called by a concerned resident who found the words "CB" written on an elevator door. What, no "hearts R" written underneath it? He couldn't be that stupid, could he?

His lawyer, Mark Geragos went on the offensive calling young Chris the victim. "The deed clearly shows the two spaces belong to Chris, but the developer never disclosed the spots were reserved for the handicapped." Is the big painted thing underneath the car with the figure in a wheelchair not a bit of a giveaway, Chris? The singer is now in litigation with the building over the spaces and plans to "fight the tickets" as well. 

Mike Sheridan