It's safe to say Rihanna's had a rough ride. She grew up with a crack-addicted father and now she's being bitten by her painfully insecure boyfriend. I am, of course, making a sweeping statement with the "painfully insecure" reference, but what other kind of basic individual would attack someone physically weaker than themselves? Only a bully, who's so riddled with self-doubt that they need to make those close to them feel just as vulnerable.

Weirdly, Rihanna can be grateful for one thing - Brown is too rudimentary to cause her any lasting damage. Sure, she's allegedly covered in bruises and "bite marks", along with a split lip for good measure, but they're not the calling card of the bright. No, an intelligent bully will browbeat the brain into feeble submission and no one, not even the bullied, will be any the wiser for yeeeeears.

Although, if sources are to be believed (and I believe them ALL), perhaps Brown's been laying the groundwork for sometime, what with a Sun source saying: "Inside the party they were very lovey-dovey, but later on they were arguing. Rihanna is now doing a lot of soul searching over whether their relationship can last. Only time will tell."

Aren't the "contusions" telling? Sorry, but why in God's name would you entertain someone who'd beaten you up and then left you to organise the ambulance? Blind love? Stupidity? Subconscious 'daddy issues'... It's not as if she needs him for exposure, or they have a joint branding deal (incidentally, Brown has been dropped from a Wrigley's commercial). The mind bubbles.

Rihanna has had to cancel her Malaysian gigs. She has also called off the celebrations she'd organised for her 21st on February 20th. Chris Brown is due in court on March 5th. He could face nine years in the slammer if found guilty. What started it all? Seemingly she passed comment about a girl he was reportedly flirting with.