It's not the hum of tofu burgers being barbequed wafting over the fence, or the strains of a lute disturbing the peace, or the glimpses of a spandex clad Gwynnie doing the downward dog in the back garden that's upsetting the neighbours... it's their gate. Their very large gate.

Residents living beside the former couple, who announced their 'uncoupling' last Tuesday, have accused them of violating zoning laws by installing a nine-foot black gate outside their $10 million mansion in Brentwood, California and are demanding they remove it immediately. Presumably because they're nosy as hell.

Locals first filed a complaint about the offending gate with the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety last year and are allegedly planning to sue the duo if they don't take action, according to RadarOnline.

Neighbours also claim that their house has looked like a 'building site' since they purchased it in 2012. That would be on account of them building "separate wings" to live in now they're not coupled consciously anymore.

One resident said: "There was always work being done at the house. I only got annoyed when the workmen would illegally park in my driveway and they hadn't even spoken to me about it."

Another insider said the 'Iron Man 3' star is "not popular" in the area because she has never made the effort to get to know people. Again, nosy.

Still, at least Chris is popular. Neighbour Hilda McGonigle added: "We used to see Chris walking the dogs. He was a really nice guy. He was the one with the talent; she was the one just writing cookbooks. To some people, their issues might get on people's nerves, but I personally didn't care. I didn't have much time for her, but I liked him."

Hilda's just pissed that Gwyneth never knocked around for a cup of sugar and had the audacity to employ a gate to keep the locals out. Here's a reality check regarding actual hellish neighbours...

How about neighbours who park in your space despite having a driveway of their own - which has no cars in it. How about neighbours who get a drum kit for their kids, which they put in the bedroom beside yours despite knowing you're in the latter stages of pregnancy. How about neighbours who let their dog defecate in your front garden? Bit of perspective for you there, McGonigle.