Benedict Cumberbatch is known to inspire the most devoted loyalty from his fans, but here's something that genuinely takes it to its logical, chocolatey conclusion.

Master chocolatier Jen Lindsey-Clark specialises in sculpting Belgian chocolate into various shapes, sizes and likenesses, however this year, she's outdone herself and made a 400g chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch.

The description of her creation reads: "A delicious Belgian chocolate rabbit with a handsome face and a tasty bottom. 400g of everyone’s favourite detective."

If you want to pick one up for yourself and fancy chewing on Benedict Cumberbatch's face, it'll set you back £50 and will take a few weeks for delivery. Not only that, Benedict Cumberbunny comes in white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate.

Buy all three and you get a free cat to go with your other cats. We're kidding, there's no cats. Or judgement, either.