O Connell Street is changing, and new rules have been put in place with regards to the retail outlets that can function there. 

A new plan which relates to the redevelopment of O'Connell St. has been published by the Dublin City Council, and it looks it's basically ruled out anything fun.

New chippers, adult shops, arcades., and phone shops have been banned from opening on the street, although pre-existing stores won't be affected.

The move is set to see the area be redeveloped in the coming years, and includes the revamping of Clery's department store.

The report states that "businesses such as Clerys department store, the Gresham Hotel and Eason & Son Ltd. Have helped shape the social, cultural economic and architectural character of O’Connell Street and the area over generations”. 

“It is an objective of the scheme of special planning control to protect such uses that contribute significantly to the special character of the area.”

Via Irish Times