For those of you who can't look up from your phones for even a second, then China might be the place for you. 

You know the type, the person that's coming hurtling towards you, head down, a strange glow in their face as though they've forgotten where they are and they may never remember, the tech-addicted zombie who has no idea that they're about to crash straight in to you, and they probably still won't after it's already happened and they lie on their back, unable to get up like a turtle on their shell as they post yet another status update from the gutter. 

While that's a problem that's on the increase over here, it seems that the city of Chongqing in China has already hit critical mass, and they have given in to these people. As a solution to their population seemingly walking everywhere with their heads buries in a cyber-world, unaware of their surroundings, they've decided to make cellphone only lanes, in the same way that we have bike lanes over here. 

One lane says 'Cellphones: Walk in this lane at your won risk', while the other simply says 'No cellphones', for those that don't want to have to contend with people gimming up the path with their texting and what not. The city have also put up some large signage so that people are aware that there are two lanes for pedestrians.

As some social media users pointed out, the cell phone lane is dangerously close to the road itself, which is perhaps an accident waiting to happen.

Via The Wall Street Journal. Main pic via Abd allah Foteih on Flickr