From Jason Orange, to Adrian Chiles. Again, from Jason Orange off Take That, to Adrian Chiles off the footie on ITV. Does he have an amazing personality? Doesn't really come across, then again, he obviously has many other qualities that this hack is too superficial to see.

After "dating Jason Orange in secret" for about 6 months (albeit after he first met her while she was dressed as him...), Catherine Tate has now been "dating Adrian Chiles in secret" for about the last year.

Today, The Sun has photographs of them lounging awkwardly on top of each other in a park in LA. A particularly poetic reporter came across with the following: "Onlookers said they seemed “besotted” as they shopped and then lazed around and tenderly embraced in the sun. One said: 'We were surprised to see them being so intimate. They looked very much into each other and had that besotted look in their eyes.' The couple jetted out to the fashionable Santa Monica area of Los Angeles for a sunshine break between work commitments... They are understood to have grown closer after she appeared on Chiles's former ITV chat slot That Sunday Night Show."