Chewbacca Mom won our hearts within just a few short minutes.

When she showed the world how important it is to take pleasure in the simple things, and how amazing it is to laugh, uncontrollably, even in your own company, we instantly wanted to be her best friend. Chewbacca Mom has been on a whirlwind media adventure ever since she shared her insanely popular video and now, she has become immortalised in the for of a Hasbro action figure.


Thanks SO much, HASBRO. You literally rolled out the red carpet for me and my family. Thanks for making play so much fun!

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It's got the body of Chewbacca, but the head of Candace Payne. It's weird AF, but of course she LOVES it. Not only does the toy resemble this internet star's face, it also comes loaded with catchphrases such as 'that's not me making that noise, that's the mask' and soundbites of her inimitable laugh that we believe would cure whatever's ailing you.

Hasbro presented Payne with her figurine when she visited their HQ, but what we really want to know is whether or not we can get our hands on them. It may only be June but come Saturday we're six months to the day from Christmas and this would be the perfect stocking filler.

Check out the action figure over on Entertainment Weekly.