And so the argument continues. Right, it's the general consensus that Treyc Cohen should have stayed in X Factor and Katie Waissel should have gone home. However, it didn't happen that way so we really do need to get over it. No matter how many Facebook pages, tweets, rants on blogs go on about it, the show will go on and there ain't nothing we can do about it. So, this will be the last time I talk about it, unless something reeaallly juicy comes out.

The Sun is reporting today that Treyc's dad (Fitzgerald Cohen) is furious his little girl was given the push and branded the show a fix, shocker that. The following comes from the horses mouth, apparently, "It's a fix. It's as simple as that. I have no idea why Treyc is out. She was easily the best singer and should not have lost to Katie. Lots of things happen behind the scenes so certain contestants are kept in. The show is not about singing, it's a freak show now. I think Treyc has been let down by Cheryl. She knew Treyc was the better singer, but sat back and let her go. She knew she was already one down after Simon voted for Katie, but refused to balance the score. There should be an investigation into why Cheryl was allowed to refuse to vote." Does he not understand that of course she couldn't have chosen one act to go home, there would have been murder if she had so, matter what she did, Cheryl would be in trouble. You also have to question why Dermot went to her after Simon. I mean, he could have easily left her vote until last, which would have meant she would send it to deadlock. What with the fact that it appears Katie only pulled a third of the votes Treyc won, it would have been fair too. The paper is also reporting that there were almost 1,000 complaints made to Ofcom and ITV about Cheryl abstaining from voting.

When Treyc was told by O'Leary that she was now out of the competition, Cheryl was apparently pulled from her chair, by a producer not a crazed fan, and the Girls Aloud singer was not happy. The Sun says some onlookers, i.e. those who probably paid outrageous amounts to be seated behind the judges, said the singer screamed; "Oi, get off. Where are you taking me?" Another nosey parker said "He was saying she needed to come round the back of the stage to then go back on the stage to say farewell to Treyc. But she snapped his head off and the guy looked very bemused. Eventually he explained and she went - but she had a face like thunder the whole time."

But with all this drama in her life, Cheryl still found time to hit the town and go along to the Bride of Britain Awards last night. You can see all the photos from the red carpet here, like Cheryl with Nicola Roberts, Rebecca Ferguson and other X Factor peeps. The soon-to-be ex Mrs Cole was there for a very special reason though. A young man called Cameron Small, was being awarded with the gong for Young Fund Raiser Of The Year 2010 after he raised a whopping £95,000 for Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, pretty damn impressive. On stage, Cheryl was joined by Kimberley and Nicola where she was met by Cameron and a nice custard pie. He was egged on by Darius 'I'll never make it as a pop star' Danesh who offered to donate £6,000 to the hospital, if he threw a pie in Chezza's face and fair play to him, he did just that. Of course Cheryl didn't mind seeing as it was for charity and all and even said afterwards:" It was a small thing to do for such a brave young man." 1...2...3... Awwww.

-Alicia Coyle.