'Cheryl' has angered fans after charging £350 for a meet and greet session on her UK tour.

Sooo, what does the guts of €400 get you? A ticket to one of her shows, a photo and one item signed... Generous. 

The offer was taken down from TicketWeb last night after the Daily Star called 'Cheryl's representatives to investigate.

One twitter user, Kurstie Martin, from (obviously) Essex (given how she spells Kirsty), wrote: "£350 for a M&G with Cheryl Cole! After the jubilee disaster I wouldn't pay £3.50! No 1 is that special u should have 2 pay 2 meet them #Please."

Cheryl Gerhard added: "As much as I like Cheryl, £350 for a M&G is TOO much and not nice at all."

Amy Farrent, of tour promoters LiveNation, told the publication: "I think Rihanna's were a similar price." Yeah, but that's bleedin' global superstar Rihanna. As stipulated yesterday, just 'cause someone blowing a huge amount of smoke up 'Cheryl's ass, telling her to drop her last name, doesn't automatically elevate her to the ranks of Adele, Madonna, or even Kylie

Other fans pointed out 'The Voice' judge Jessie J, 24, had charged "just £110" in comparison for meet and greet tickets.

Cheryl's spokesman Sundraj Sreenivasan said he did not know anything about the offer, however, after contacting the Call My Name star's management he assured customers that their money was going to a good cause.

He said: "All profits from the meet and greets go to the Cheryl Cole Foundation..."