"I love you Ashawasha. You're my number one and you can score with me anytime ;) ;)." That's what my perception of what would be written in a love letter from Cheryl Cole to her ex Ashley, many moons ago of course. Apparently, that's how they communicated to one another when they were apart but now, according to the Daily Star, the love letters have been stolen *gasps*. Thieves are believed to have broken into freshly-divorced Ashley's bachelor pad this week, while he was away with the England football squad, and now love notes, poems and two packets of letters from Cheryl are missing. The pair are worried that intimate details of their marriage could be exposed.

A source spewed, "Cheryl's written lots of stuff to Ashley over time while she was touring with Girls Aloud and on the other side of the world. Their paths didn't cross as much as they would have liked so they tried their best to be romantic in other ways. Notes, little poems and letters were a big form of Cheryl’s communication and this could all be published soon. There are lots of secrets that no-one knows about." Oooh juicy *rubs hands together furiously*, in a way I hope they do come out, they'd be a great read. The burglars are also thought to have stolen jewellery, cash, and the keys to Ashley's sports car, but meh, who cares about that.

In some other Cheryl/ X Factor related news, we have a dedicated X Factor page over yonder which is kindly sponsored by Just Dance 2 on Wii (plug..plug..PLUUUG). We will have updates on the goings on within the X Factor camp and will of course be talking/ laughing at the delusional contestants each week. Just 'cause we can.

-Alicia Coyle