Apparently Cheryl was "overcome with emotion" when she locked eyes on her best friend's new bundle of joy, Bobby, just an hour after he was born. In other words, a lone tear slipped down her beautiful face, which she dabbed away slowly with a pristine tissue.

Speaking in OK! magazine, Kimberley said: "[Cheryl] loves him! I think it was a bit overwhelming for her and she cried when she saw him. She's offered to babysit for us already."

The 31-year-old singer arrived at the hospital with her husband Jean-Bernard, whom she married in July, but himself had to leave shortly afterwards because the baby talk became a little too much for him to handle. Total keeper.

Kimberley added: "JB was with her and he said he needed to leave, as he couldn't cope - I think there was too much birthing conversation!"

And here's just a segment of that conversation, in case you're scarfing your breakfast... The former Girls Aloud singer and her long-term boyfriend Justin Scott welcomed little Bobby Jay into the world on September 4th and, although the birth didn't go exactly according to plan, she's already thinking about having another baby...

Speaking about the birth, she said: "He'd been in the right position for the last three months but he turned after my waters broke. The obstetrician tried to turn him but he kept flipping back so she made the call to assist with forceps. I'm grateful we got him out with forceps, it could have easily ended in an emergency C-section. I cried as soon as I saw and held him. Baby number two will probably be an easy one!"

You're a bit of a legend, Kimba... 18 months on and the thought of baby number two is still a prospect this mammy can't get her head around.