Cheryl Cole has paid £18,000 pounds for a metal statue. Listen, it's her money, she could be spending it on far worse things than 'ort.' For example, Charlie Sheen's probably spent that on *ahems* lady friends, while John Mayer's spent more than quadruple that on fake Rolex... Still, £18k... the guts of 22,000 Euro... Speaking as someone who's just plundered the remnants of their credit union to pay the Local Property Tax, it does make one feel a little (more) embittered (than usual).

The 30-year-old singer splashed out on the piece created by artist Willie Bester - known for his installations made of repurposed objects - which shows a mother pushing her pram while her child holds a gun, to help portray the 'horrors' of crime in South Africa.

A source told the Daily Star: "Willie's art is about the violence and horrors of crime in South Africa. He makes scrap art sculpture and she's loving it.'

Cheryl bought a second home in Cape Town after spending time there soaking up the sunshine over last year's Christmas period and is keen to fill her new residence with native and "iconic artwork".

The source added: "Cheryl is really getting into the culture here and she wants to support South African talent. Now that Cheryl has a second home here she is furnishing it with iconic artworks. She saw the Willie piece at the Mount Nelson hotel, where it's exhibited in the gardens. She completely fell in love with the sculpture, and snapped it up straight away."