Cheryl Cole has reportedly been told to ditch the fags if she wants to land a role on American TV. Not sure if you've heard but Chezza is in the running for a slot as a judge on the US X Factor. No really, she is and lately, she's been taking elocution lessons to help tone down her heavy Geordie accent. Today, according to The Sun, she has been told that her 20-a-day habit (*stops the press* holy crap, no wonder she's so thin, when does she get time to eat in-between 20 smokes??) is slowing her progress down. A source said, "Cheryl's teacher has advised her to stop smoking. But she says the move to LA and the X Factor job is stressful enough without having to try and quit the cigs on top. Voice coaches are determined to make her sound more American but in a natural way (apparently the cigarettes will hinder their want for the natural tone). Basically just so she can be understood." Oh and they also said that she can't use any of her usual Geordie phrases so, 'aye' and 'babe' are off the list then.

If she does quit, she won't be able to have chats with Simon anymore when they break from watching those hopeless auditionees but, should she wish to keep her lungs in good shape and kick the habit, here's hoping that she'll last longer than the last attempt. Best of luck Cherrdyl *thumbs up*

-Alicia Coyle.

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