Happy Tuesday everyone, here's this morning's pressing news: Cheryl Cole likes "cheap, stringy and small" underwear.

Legend has it that the singer ran out of knickers when she reached Liverpool on her A Million Lights tour and sent a staff member out to buy her some more with very specific instructions on what she wanted.

A source told the Daily Star: "Cheryl literally ran out of knickers during her Liverpool leg of the tour. She asked her people to go and track down some nice underwear for her to wear for the rest of the dates. A few of her staff zoomed off to John Lewis in Liverpool ONE shopping centre. Cheryl was very precise about want she wanted, ordering cheap, stringy and small. Her team came back with a black lacy thong for around £7.99, a couple of pairs of black and pink lacy knickers and a £4.99 pair of granny pants."

Thanks for that, now we can get on with the rest of our day.

Meanwhile Tinchy Stryder has revealed he turned down the chance to party with Cheryl and her stringy scanties after supporting her on the London leg of her tour as he wanted a quiet night in listening to music with his mate Dizzee Rascal. In short, they couldn't be arsed.

He told The Sun: "The plan was to go out after we both played in London but I ended up chilling with Dizzee Rascal. We didn't want to turn up (to join Cheryl at the after-party) and leave shortly afterwards. We were saying just the other day, because you're always touring, doing promo and working, when you do get free time you just want to chill. We don't go out and party as much. We just chill and listen to some music and catch up."