There could be several things she could confront him over, but she's specifically miffed over him calling her a "spoilt child."

The Sirens singer - who shot to fame after putting in a 'rappy bit' during her stint on The X Factor 2010 and recently forgot her own lyrics while crooning alongside Taylor Swift - has hit back at her former show colleague after he labelled her difficult to work with when she appeared on the competition aged 16. Because 16-year-olds who are suddenly thrust into the spotlight are notoriously easy to work with.

She recently told Digital Spy: "It's something I find very strange, especially from an older gentleman against a young girl. But I'm much older and much more experienced, so it would be good to have a conversation with him now. To make a comment about someone you worked with two or three years ago who was 16 years old at the time, it was a little bit unnecessary. I must be on his mind. Bless."

Luckily for 61-year-old Louis - who has appeared as a judge on The X Factor FOR THE LAST TEN YEARS - Cher insists she "never" holds a grudge against her critics.

She said: "It's nice to see that people aren't getting stuck in the past. I feel the same with people I've met... that have really been quite harsh and forceful and a bit mean to me. I've seen them for the person they are now and the way they are treating me. I never hold a grudge. It's so much easier for me now because I feel if you're a happy and content person, there is no reason to be on the defensive." Wise words for one so young.

Meanwhile, Cher also admitted she will return to watching X Factor now her former mentor, Cheryl Cole and show boss, Simon Cowell, have returned to the judging panel.

She said: "Thank God for that. I will be watching this time - I can't say that I was majorly tuned in before. I really do feel it has been missing those judges. Their ratings will be up sky-high as soon as those two came back. The show hasn't been the same without Simon and Cheryl."