A hairdressing Monk, as it happens.

Clearly inspired by some of life's other celebrity love stories - like Katy and Russell, Kim and Kris, Sinead and yer man - Cher Lloyd has decided to get engaged to her boyfriend of 9 months, hairdresser Craig Monk. She's 18 and he's 21. What could go wrong?

Someone fierce eager to speak with the tabloids offered: "Cher's been telling anyone who will listen that she's engaged to Craig, despite originally denying the news. She's head over heels and has been sporting an engagement ring since last month."

As expected, Cher has in the past described Craig as her rock, saying: "My boyfriend keeps me sane. He tells me to keep a grip, he’ll say 'You've got the best thing ever, realise you are the luckiest person ever'."

Obviously Craig wasn't keeping a grip of anything when they decided to get engaged. Then again, my BOT (Bitter Old Trout) condition has been well documented.