Clearly you don't care much, Chair-riddle, otherwise why would you be showcasing your tutu (indeed only getting round to watching Orange is The New Black now) in such a strained manner :-/

Many outlets are featuring this promo pic for Cheryl's new single (off her new album Only Human) and no one has pointed out just how ridiculous it is. NO ONE. It's literally pants. They've all mentioned her beautiful hair, stunning make up, complimentary 'animal-inspired' top, and her very fetching spangly 'trainers' but they've all failed to make reference to the fact that she appears to be awkwardly poised for something.

Ironically, if she was wearing an actual tutu, and was higher on her toes, she'd be an elegant ballerina. In the absence of those props, she's merely yet another oh-so-subtle crotch merchant.