One Rick Calamaro was found dead surrounded by prescription meds and booze on Monday.

Few will be surprised to learn he was Charlie's assistant during the "winning" phase of 2010 through to 2011.

TMZ reports that Rick, a "personal friend to Charlie" (AKA drug supplier), "laid dead for several days before he was found with 'numerous pain medications and an open bottle of alcohol' near his body."

TMZ then added that the "cause of death is currently unknown."

Folk on twitter will remember him as: "... the businessman behind 'the coolest parties in Hollywood' and a 'legendary Hollywood club promoter who made an impact'."

Sheen himself has yet pass comment on his former assistant's death. Recently he seems to have turned a corner to some extent; the pilot episode of his new show, Anger Management, set a new record for being "the most-watched primetime scripted comedy series premiere in cable history."