Unsurprisingly, the actor reckons he would be the perfect candidate to run for office in 2016 after conducting a small survey of his friends. If that weren't enough of a pull for people, he's enlisting his father Martin Sheen - who famously played fictional president Jed Bartlett in The West Wing - to run with him. We can only assume that Martin's in the loop about this. He'd be totally fine being his son's Veep. 

Charlie said: "I conducted a poll - it was like 10 guys. In every situation - it doesn't matter the ethics scenario or the social scenario (um, surely the substances ingested at the time of the survey accounts for something...) - when I say, 'Hey, what if I ran for president?' It's a hundred percent. Guess who my vice president is? My dad. It would be Sheen and Sheen 2016. Running on a platform of truth and transparency. Seriously."

If he did run for office, he already knows which three laws he would like to pass: providing each school with an armed military veteran for protection, a flat tax rate of 10 per cent, and and a mandatory "everybody relax" rule. 

The 49-year-old actor, who described himself as a 'constitutional Republican' (no surprises there), went on to joke about his wild partying past, admitting his openness about his antics means he wouldn't be upset if his conduct was raised during political debates.

Speaking on The Flipside With Michael Loftus, he said: "Imagine being in a debate. The guy's like 'Well, you did this!' and I'm like 'and?' What are they going to tell me about during the debate? 'How about the time...?' and I'd say 'So?'"

By way of a refresher for "the guy" presiding over the "debate", here's the time Charlie was very amiable after a visit to Taco Bell. CHARLIE FOR PRESIDENT! He'd be much better fun than George Clooney. Imagine the japes he'd have in the war room?