Thisis why it's best to avoid the dentist during a "rock cocaine-fuelled rage."

According to TMZ, Charlie visited his dentist last week to get a nasty abcess seen to. A female technician present claims that when she pulled a mask over Charlie's face to administer laughing gas, he went bats, started flailing is arms around and "striking" her in the process.

The female technician then left as Charlie's security guard entered to presumably calm the actor. TMZ reports: "Charlie's personal dentist was there along with the oral surgeon. There was a lot of commotion and the technician says when Charlie's dentist finally came out he told her Charlie pulled a knife and went after him. The dentist wasn't hurt. The technician also told cops the bodyguard told the dentist Charlie was high on rock cocaine."

TMZ have reportedly "reached out" to Charlie for a statement and have yet to hear back. Seemingly the police are keen to talk to everyone involved as they're looking at "a possible battery against the technician and felony assault with a deadly weapon for the alleged knife attack on the dentist."

See, it's all fun and games until a dentist nearly gets stabbed.

Charlie usually takes to his twitter to clear up such misunderstandings, but its been quiet since September 23rd.

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