Charlie Sheen is a very random man, but he also has nuggets of wisdom to hand out, such as this lesson to always be a good tipper. 

When you work the tables at a restaurant and a famous athlete or celebrity comes in to grab a bite to eat, you naturally get a bit excited. Firstly, you get to interact with them for a while, and secondly there are loads of stories about them leaving great tips. 

It seems that NFL star running back LeSean McCoy is not one of those people however, as he recently went to a burger restaurant in Philadelphia (where he plies his trade for the Eagles) with a few friends and had a bite to eat, running up a bill of about $60. He then left a tip of $0.20. That's 20 cents, or 0.3% of the bill.

While McCoy claims that "it's bulls**t, man", the restaurant owner took to Facebook to defend his staff and to add that McCoy was verbally abusive to them while he was there. The tip was the least of his worries, but he did add that they were all disappointed because they'd been such big fans.

Up step Charlie Sheen, the man who maketh all things right with the world again, as he chimed in with the following tweet promising the server a hefty tip of $1000 because that's just the type of guy he is.



No judgement on McCoy, of course from Sheen there. BURN!

Via BroBible