Charlie Sheen's latest batsh*t move comes direct from the set of Anger Management, on which he is reported to have 'fired' Selma Blair after she complained to producers about working with Sheen and his terrible habits and he found out. As you can imagine, that did not go down well.

According to TMZ, Blair complained that Sheen was always late and all over the place when it came to actually working, and when good ole Charlie found out he went nutso and is refusing to work with her, saying that she shouldn't be complaining and that he's the main star and has to learn about 40 pages of dialogue as opposed to her two. Ouch, burn Selma. Then he started telling people she was fired, but this being Charlie Sheen, we don't know how official that firing is, or if he even has the authority.

This is all happening today over in LA, so we'll probably be hearing whether or not Blair turns up to work today fairly soon.

Meanwhile Charlie's already gone and offered the job as her replacement to Mila Kunis, at $1 million an episode. We doubt Mila needs the money that bad and here's hoping she runs a mile, for her sake if anything to avoid being put in scenes like the one below.