Jeez, who saw that coming? Putting a mentally unstable on a stage without the magic of the editing suite, I mean, where did it all go wrong? I might have to go and have a little sit down, such is the level of head spinning. In the interim, here's Sky News with some facts:

"Sheen kicked off the My Violent Torpedo Of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option tour in Detroit on Saturday. The former Two And A Half Men star had initially been greeted with rapturous applause from the 5,000 strong-audience, but fans reportedly began to walk out within 15 minutes... The show, to a packed house of 5,000 people, had started well with a spoof involving news clips of the actor's recent outbursts, and high-action excerpts from classic movies including Apocalypse Now, starring his father, Martin..."

All well and good, until he "then launched into a series of non-sensical rants and took part in a dismal Q and A session... After commenting several times on the fact that he was being booed, and getting increasingly tetchy as the stream of people walking out grew, Sheen said he would take a break while a video of a new Snoop Dogg track was played. When the video finished, the lights came up, and it was clear that Sheen was not coming back on stage. Fans walked out chanting 'Refund!' and were quick to express their disappointment outside."

41-year-old Mary, a Detroit native, said: "I don't think it was put together very well. If he had not mentioned Detroit as a crack town, or the stealing of cars... he turned a lot of people off." Someone called Jennifer Pyryt added: "It was the worst thing I've ever seen in my entire life - the show was horrible."

Really, Jennifer? But he invited his "goddesses"/two spare parts up on stage to wear the faces off each other awkwardly - what's not to like about that? And all the thoughts and hasitly cobbled together nuances were penned by his own fair hand - was it horrible to see, with your own glazed eyes, someone expose themselves as a babbling puppet in need of sectioning?

By way of an explanation, Charlie - before he scarpered - said: "Is anybody as confused by this s*** as I am? The good news is, I wrote every word (surely that rustled up a laugh). Tonight is an experiment. You paid your hard-earned money without knowing what this show was about." Yeah, they also paid their money to see Snoop Dogg perform live as promised, instead all they got was the aforementioned video - 'cause he was never going to be there, what with him busy attending the Kids Choice Awards in LA...

Not everyone has abandoned Charlie, however, his dad's still being a cheerleader. Martin, who I'm assuming has never seen cancer up close for any period of time, said Charlie's "struggle with addiction as a disease as dangerous as cancer. Charlie is dealing with the most profound problems and addiction - there's no secret, his behaviour has been an example of that. It's a rollercoaster ride that's been going on for some time. So we deal with it, every day."