Former housemates trapped in close confines, Jamie Winstone visibly traumatised, Davina McCall being savaged by a zombie, and it's all been spun from the recesses of Charlie Brooker's brain? Now THERE's a Big Brother worth reviewing.

We've been kindly sent a trailer for E4's Dead Set by the people at, and you can view it in all its gory glory in our Best of The Web section. Be warned - it does contain a few naughty words and a bit of bludgeoning with a fire extinguisher so, if you're of a nervous disposition or under 15, perhaps give it a wide berth. We don't want you to be having nightmares. That's why I've only posted the less disturbing photos in our gallery - Davina as a zombie, feasting on a production assistant, ain't for the faint hearted.

Shock tactics aside, will it be well received by Brooker's fellow TV critics? I for one will be glued to the proceedings on Monday night, October 27th, 10.00pm exclusively on E4.