It's one of those mornings where Kitty Brucknell's bared bits are top news, along with Tulisa's arm tattoo flouting OfCom product placement rules (there's also the phone hacking hearing which is pretty big sh*t, so we'll get to that shortly - when I've injected enough tea into my eyelids to keep them open), so we're going to kick things off with a roadside gallery.

It's one of those occasions where there's no red carpet, so the majority of the celebs snapped haven't got their game faces on, and have therefore innately opted for more despondent / squinting / startled expressions. As ever, they're more disgruntled by the press intrusion on the way into the event (according to WENN, it was a Hoping Foundation event in Café de Paris) then they are coming out of the back entrance after having guzzled a few snifters of something or other.

May we present to you Alan Carr, Meg Mathews, Anthony Kiedis, Eva Herzigova, and Jemima Khan on the way in... Not very happy. Kate Moss looks OK, but that's cause she's not drunk yet.

And now we have Kate Moss, Meg Mathews, Anthony Kiedis (with the Will Ferrell/Chad Smith hybrid) and Eva Herzigova leaving armed with their goodie bags. Jarvis Cocker looked exceptionally happy to be departing, unlike his date.

We also have those who looked the same at entry as they did upon exit, like Jonathan Ross (always smiling), Gillian Anderson (always professional), Jeremy Clarkson (always belligerent), Gemma Arterton (always posing), Boy George (always a muppet), Jimmy Carr (ditto) and Tracey Emin (always stealing a living).