They've only paid Endemol £200million for the privilege of flogging a decaying capall... £200000000... TWO HUNDRED MILLION. STERLING.

These findings are from deserved Newspaper of The Year winners, The Guardian: "A formal announcement is expected on Wednesday, and the plan will be to run Celebrity Big Brother in August for four weeks, with the traditional Big Brother returning nightly for a 13-week run in September (sooooo, that means few outdoor bikini shots. The Big Brother staple. Shame.). The programme is starting late in the year because it has taken so long for the two sides to conclude negotiations that have stalled on several occasions, but (Richard) Desmond (they guy who owns Channel 5) is keen to extract full value from the contract in 2011. It is understood that the essentials of the format will remain unchanged, although there will be scramble to sign up famous guests for the celebrity programme - with Desmond's Daily Star openly touting for contestants. The Daily Star Sunday said that 'top of the wanted list' was Mohamed al-Fayed (um, cause he needs the spare cash?), while 'a big money offer' would be made to troubled US actor Charlie Sheen, with female targets including Amy Childs from The Only Way is Essex and Prince Harry's 'on-off girlfriend' Chelsea Davy."

So, some of the finest minds going... On the upside, Dicky Desmond's only forked over TWO. HUNDRED. MILLION. POUNDS. STERLING. for a two year contract. Not for keeps. And the time span doesn't really matter considering a large wedge of us Irish have been spared the pulsating font of knowledge and wonderment that is Channel 5 - wheeeeeeeeeee!