How do you know the Rugby World Cup has gone into overdrive? When fashion brands start releasing commemorative balls of course, that was an easy one.

Chanel, yes, Chanel, has released a limited edition rugby because there's a world cup on. If they were going to dip their toe into the waters of sporting equipment, it makes sense to do it while such a major event is occurring.

Having said that, the Venn Diagram that intersects your average rugby fan and Chanel customers , especially the ones who buy their ornaments, is probably quite small.

The balls come in burgundy, black, white, and navy, and have the famous French designer's logo stitched into the side. They're made to order, so if you fancy having one you'll have to go on their site and order it. If you do, let us know how much they're retailing for, because unsurprisingly they're keeping that pretty quiet.

Anyway, it has to be said they do look quite good, but we doubt they'd last more than a few line-outs and a couple of up-and-unders.

Via Mashable