Chance the Rapper has had his say on new Netflix original movie Bright and he is unhappy with how the film handles racism.

With a budget of $90 million and a sequel already confirmed (perhaps too soon), Bright portrays a alternate world in which humans live alongside orcs, fairies and other mythical creatures. Will Smith plays a policeman who is paired up with the LAPD’s first orc cop, played by Joel Edgerton.

Directed by Suicide Squad’s David Ayer, the movie has gotten pretty divided reviews so far with many disliking the film (we ourselves found it rather “bland” – full review here) though it has picked up fans too.

The latest to add his voice to criticism against the movie is musician Chance the Rapper, who views Bright as a missed opportunity and says its attempt to portray race relations in America is “shallow.”

His comments have sparked a debate over the film’s content and metaphors:




One user joined his debate, saying, “If I had to complain about anything… it’s about the indirect relationship of orcs to black people. That was weird to me.” Chance responded:


Another user suggested the creators weren’t “trying to make a metaphor.” Chance pointed to a controversial scene where Smith’s character says, “Fairy lives don’t matter,” in reference to the Black Lives Matter movement. The film’s writer, Max Landis, subsequently tweeted, “I believe the ‘Fairy Lives Don’t Matter’ line was an adlib by Will Smith, but I don’t know for sure.”


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