Nothing quite encapsulates Vogue more than a trimmed bush. What. Why else would they have celebrities posing in front of one en route to The Seventh Annual CFDA Vogue Fashion (hedge?) Fund Awards Dinner held in New York City? Enough said.

So, who was bush front (we'll stop that now) for the affair? Chace Crawford, his GG doppelganger Ed Westwick; a mandatory Kardashian; Anna Paquin; Karl Lagerfeld; Carey Mulligan looking rather racy; while Christina Ricci opted for a large doily kindly held aloft by an army of ants. It looks like they might've cinched in the back for her as well, much like One Direction's stylist employed a safety pin to do the same for Niall Horan's cardigan on Sunday... no, nope, she went to the lengths of fully committing a table cloth to be a dress.

Lastly, we have the Olsen (don't call us) Twins doing the usual, their tiny frames huddling together for warmth in their Sasquatch hides.

In other news from the event; see this here fiercely tasteful brooch on Lagerfeld's tie? The big thing covered in diamonds? Well, he only went and lost it during the shindig. And then he found it again...

The New York Post reports: "Karl Lagerfeld lost a diamond-encrusted brooch worth thousands of dollars at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award event. The Chanel fashion icon was mortified when it dropped off his tie during the bash at Skylight Studios. But BFA photographer Neil Rasmus found it on the floor, and rescued it. Rasmus told us, 'I looked down and saw this 4-inch-long brooch covered in diamonds. I immediately gave it to security. Moments later, I saw Karl looking for it. He asked to personally thank me, and said, 'Not many people would be so honest.' Anna Wintour also thanked me'."

That's nice. A little boring, to be fair. But nice all the same. But good to hear there's still nice people out there. Who are willing to talk to the papers about how nice they are. Personally I would've taken the brooch and ran. And then persecuted myself for a lifetime.