1. David Walliams

He's not the definition of sexy but that hardly matters when you're this funny and charming. The man charms the pants off everyone, even steely Simon Cowell.Asides from his charm powers, he could always cheer up a holiday moment gone wrong with his multifaceted talents. Feeling down after finding out there's no entertainment or bars nearby? You already have your very own drag act/character actor and impersonator at the ready. Plus he now writes novels - child novels, but novels nonetheless. Bedtime story anyone (in a none creepy way)?

2. Matthew Gray Gubler

He's an ex-model first of all.So there's that... Second of all he plays Dr Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds, and is really the reason we watch the show so religiously.He (his character that is) knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING so you'd never get bored and you could even leave your Kindle behind once you hd this walking dictionary with you.

3. David O'Doherty

We wonder, would he bring his keyboard away with him? Does it get its own seat on the plane? Either way, we want this adorably self-aware, geeky comedian with us to revel in his barmy humour 24/7. Something about that beard too....


4. Mila Kunis

She really does fall into that category of 'women want to be her, men want to be with her'.Asides from being a doe-eyed, dark stunner she also has an actual sense of humour; not a 'borrowed from the Studios while the give me money and tell me how to be "hawt"' one like many of her peers.Just watch the video below ; says all really.


5. Jay Z

Just as you wouldn't need a kindle with Gubler, you could give the aul Ipod a rest if Jigga was by your side. The amount of coolness brownie points you would get would be incalcuably high and let's face it, the guy knows how to holiday it up. We can tell from the expressive holiday descriptions in said raps. Why can't we go 'dodging rain drops' (yes they are lyrics from 'On To The Next One, because we are just that fly...Is 'fly' still a commonly used urban term? If not it's just been brought back) with Mr Z?

Honourary mention: OBVIOUSLY Ryan Gosling, it's an unspoken but commonly known fact that every woman and many a good man would.